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Apple TV Owners Left Like “A Shag On A Rock” When It Comes To 4K

As Ultra High Definition TV’s take off in Australia, Apple TV owners have been left like “A shag on a rock” said one owner who is having to put up with Full HD instead of 4K streaming from his Apple TV device.

Despite a recent upgrade, Apple has failed to incorporate 4K support into its most recent Apple TV box when all its hardware rivals offer it.

Leading UK TV writer John Archer said recently “It’s now clear that Apple is also getting left behind in resolution terms”.

He said “As well as being a big problem on a sheer ‘keeping up with the competition’ basis, Apple’s 4K tardiness is also damaging to the image of a brand that works so hard to be associated with the cutting edge of technology across so many of its other business areas.Apple TV small

Worst of all, failing to embrace 4K yet leaves Apple’s entire video ecosystem – software and hardware – sitting millions of pixels out of kilter with the 4K TVs now enjoying pride of place in tens of millions of living rooms across the globe”.

Apple has previously defended its HD-only position because it doesn’t believe 4K is a mass market proposition, and it is only interested in making platforms and experiences for the masses. This is despite movie houses releasing more than 186 4K Movies this year. also, delivering 4K content is Netflix and Amazon Prime whose 4K content is now available in Australia.

Archer said “I predicted when the latest HD-only Apple TV box launched back in 2015, as 4K becomes less and less the niche and more and more the norm with every passing day, Apple’s HD-only policy is increasingly starting to look more exclusive than inclusive”.

Archer added “Here’s hoping, then, that someone high up at Apple has noticed the past week’s significant 4K moves by its rivals and has decided to make 4K support a matter of priority”.

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