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Apple Secures Patent For ‘Synthetic’ Group Selfie

group of people taking a selfie in face masks

Among Apple’s newly granted patents, Patently Apple spotted a patent that covers a computing device that can effectively generate a ‘synthetic’ group selfie by compiling still or video images of individual into the one picture. The video images can be stored video images or live stream video images.

While Apple originally filed for the patent back in 2018, a synthetic group selfie feature would be particularly useful in the COVID-19 era, as ‘1.5 metres of social distancing rules’ are still in place in many cities.

According to the patent, the synthetic group selfie mode would be able to position people in the photo automatically, but users would also be able to rearrange subjects.

The patented user interface diagram for the synthetic selfie is copied below.

Source: Patently Apple

Along with this new group selfie patent, another 56 patents that have been granted to Apple were published by the US Patent Office earlier this month.

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