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Apple Reduce TSMC Chip Orders As Downturn Continues

Apple has dramatically reduced its chip order from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry.

Apple has reportedly reduced orders for TSMC’s 3nm chips by as many as 120,000, according to Gizmo China, who quote an insider familiar with the Taiwanese chipmaker.

The cancelled orders were for chips that would be made using TSMC’s N7, N5, N4, and N3 nodes, which covers chips expected to appear in the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra phones, as well as Apple’s M2 Ultra and M3 chips.

Apple is not only TSMC’s biggest customer, but accounts for a quarter of its business – making this quite a blow for the chipmaker.

It’s also a sign that Apple is reducing forecasts of its 2023 product lines, including the aforementioned iPhone 15, and any MacBooks or laptops using the M2 Ultra or M3 chips.

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