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Apple Pushes Into Oral Health With AI Toothbrush

Apple and Colgate have partnered to release a high-tech artificial intelligent (AI) toothbrush, the ‘E1’, said to offer real-time brushing feedback and improve a user’s oral health over time.

The smart ‘E1’ toothbrush is available to purchase from Apple exclusively for US$99.95, and uses “sonic vibrations” to remove more plaque.

The device maps a user’s mouth and uploads data collected to the Colgate Connect app.


The E1 aims to encourage children to brush their teeth, by integrating games within its app, that utilise the toothbrush as a controller. The longer a child brushes, the more points they acquire.

The news expands Apple’s portfolio of healthcare-focused devices, following rumours the company intends to turn its smartphones into a consumer’s go-to portal for medical information.

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