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Apple Music Launches Inside Facebook Messenger, Joins Spotify

Apple Music has rolled out inside Facebook Messenger globally – a move which will allow Facebook users to seamlessly stream and share songs whilst chatting to their friends.

Subscribers of Apple Music will be able to stream full songs within Facebook Messenger, whilst non-subscribers will be able to share and listen to 30-second clips.

The new feature has been rolled out globally, and to access it Facebook users simply need to click the ‘+’ icon in a one-on-one group chat within Messenger. Users will then be able to add the Music chat extension to conversations.

In a blog post, developers state of the announcement:

“Launching globally today, Apple Music and its chat extension will start to be available to the 1.3B people who use Messenger'”

“Apple Music is joining more than 200,000 active bots from over 100,000 developers on the platform who have crafted incredible experiences ranging from enabling commerce to catching up on the latest news and even discovering and listening to your favourite tunes, without ever leaving Messenger”.

Users can use the bot alone on either desktop or mobile, by searching for ‘Apple Music’ in Facebook Messenger’s desktop/app home screen, and interact with it to find new songs.

Users can send it emojis which will suggest a playlist.

Prior to this, Facebook Messenger users were only able to fuse together Spotify playlists or utilise Facebook’s AI assistant ‘M’.

The social media giant first revealed its intention to integrate Spotify and Apple Music into Messenger during April this year.

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