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Apple Caught Exaggerating Battery Life

A new report from the United Kingdom claims Apple “significantly” exaggerated battery life claims on its smartphones.

Consumer advocacy group Which? tested nine iPhone models, finding Apple’s claimed battery life ranged between 18 and 51 per cent longer than its phones actually did.

The iPhone XR emerged as the biggest culprit, with a battery Apple claims lasts 25 hours talk time dying just after 16.5.

HTC also fell short in testing, returning a life 5 per cent lower than its claimed average of 20.5 hours.

Tests of the iPhone XR returned a significantly lower battery life.

Nokia, Samsung and Sony were found to have under-reported battery life, with Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact returning almost 26 hours of life on one claimed to last 17.

Which? tested over 50 individually purchased phones in the study, charging them to full battery then testing how long it took them to go flat while continuously making calls or browsing the internet.

“With mobile phones now an essential part of everyday life, we should be able to count on our handsets living up to the manufacturer’s claims,” said Which? Head of Home Products and Services Natalie Hitchins.

Responding to the Which? study, Apple said it “rigorously tested” and stood by its battery life claims.

Apple provides details of its testing methodology on its website.

HTC said the discrepancy was likely due to “Differences in setup and testing environments [which] may result in some variation to stated talk time figures”.


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