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Apple AirPods Pro Have An Amazing Hidden Feature

Apple has upped itself with its latest audio product, the AirPods Pro.

A new mode on the AirPods Pro, called ‘Transparency,’ means users can control whether they can hear sound in from the outside world while using the Pro’s.

Users can access Transparency mode through the AirPods Pro mobile app, where they can personalise their listening experience based on their own preferences.

On a scale, to left is Noise Cancellation, in the middle rests Off and to the right lies Transparency – which ultimately amplifies the noise from the outside for better, clearer listening without having to remove the Pods.

(Photo: Apple)

It’s a big feature that sets to AirPods Pro out from the overly crowded and competitive audio market – where products are currently focusing on only offering Noise Cancellation entirely, putting a focus on booming sound. But Apple has taken the bold and brilliant move to put control back in the user’s hand, by offering both booming noise with Noise Cancellation and now, Transparency.

In addition, the AirPods Pro also offer a ‘Live Listen’ feature that can function as a basic hearing aid, bolstering external noise. However this feature was offered in Apple products before the Pro models.

The new feature controls may very well mean consumers might opt to upgrade to the AirPods Pro for their next listening device upgrade.

(Photo: Apple)


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