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Android Ramp Up Health Push With ‘Bedtime’ Sleep Tools

Google has commenced roll-out of its new ‘Bedtime’ sleep tools for Android devices, after seeing a surge in searches for sleep-related difficulties during the month of April and May – potentially linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The news comes as both Apple and Google seek to amplify their digital well-being tools as consumers seek less reliance, and more balance, with tech devices.

New Android Bedtime features will roll-out onto Google Pixel devices internationally from today, and follow to other devices in coming months.

Google has continued to deploy new well-being tools at its I/O conferences in recent years, however, has canned its 2020 event due to COVID19.

Previously known as “Wind Down” the new “Bedtime” mode incorporates Do Not Disturb to silence calls, notifications and texts. Colours fade to greyscale with time.

The update will make it even easier to engage with Bedtime mode (e.g. one-touch activation, or customisable scheduling).

Android’s Clock app will also benefit from a new Bedtime app. Increased statistics include totalling forecast sleep numbers.

Other features include integration with Calm, Spotify and other audio apps, enabling people to play relaxing sounds prior to bed via a reminder.

The new Bedtime clock will also receive a gradually ascending ‘sunrise alarm’ that previously debuted with the Pixel 3.

Further information is available on Google’s website here.

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