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Android 15 To Bring New Crucial Security Feature

A new security feature is coming with Google’s Android 15 that will reportedly guard against “juice jacking” attacks.

The new feature will be tested within the Android 15 beta.

“Juice jacking” is an event where a hacker will secretly send data payloads to a device, if it has the ability to charge and transfer data over the same USB connection.

These devices include most smartphones today and hardware that is used for juice jacking, such as mobile charging stations.

If the hacker is successful with the attack, the device could be compromised, endangering the user’s privacy.

To avoid this, Android 15’s security feature will allow the user to restrict USB access while in lockdown mode, while still being able to charge their device using a USB cable.

As of this moment, this is not possible.

The security feature will sit inside the Power menu and can be activated after the user holds down the power button. Then, they just need to tap to lockdown button and data will automatically be restricted.

Lockdown mode was first introduced in Android 9 back in 2018, however, the optional feature only obscured notifications and turned off authentication, apart from the primary method, whether it be PIN, password, or pattern.

“Juice jacking” is, however, quite rare. The biggest scenario could occur when using a public charging station in an airport or similar location.

Android 15 is expected to be launched to the public later this year, and should appear on Google Pixel devices first, then expand to other Android-based devices.

The update will also offer several new features, such a new notification cooldown, partial screen sharing, and audio sharing.

There will also be more straightforward Bluetooth controls, a more reliable NFC, as well as app archiving.

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