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AMD Increases Notebook Share, Intel Makes Gains In PCs, Mobile

AMD has clawed its way to command 25.6 per cent of the overall x86 market, a record high share for the company, which has been driven by increasing gaming console shipments, following a long glut. They managed to take one per cent share from Intel.

AMD’s previous high was 15 years ago, when it held 25.3 per cent of the x86 market.

Intel isn’t slipping overall though, remaining the most popular chipmaker in the world, and gaining share percentage in desktop PCs.

This is all according to the Mercury Research CPU market share results for the fourth quarter of 2021, which showed that the PC processor market reached new heights during the last three months of 2021.

“Fourth quarter and 2021 full-year results for the x86 processor market generated more records for the market than I can comfortably list here”, Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron wrote in a note with the research.

“While this is nominally a share discussion, I would mention that the total x86 market set a record for both units and revenue, as did the server and mobile CPU markets among others.”


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