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Ambertech Brings Two New Philips Smart Projectors To Oz

Philips has released a pair of new smart projectors for home entertainment, distributed in Australia by Amber Technology.

The NeoPix ULTRA2TV (top) and PicoPix MICRO2TV (below) projectors both feature built-in Google Chromecast functionality as well as easy wi-fi connection and stereo speakers.

The NeoPix ULTRA2TV is a 1080p projector which projects a screen up to 100 inches, while the PicoPix MICRO2TV is designed for portable use, with 480p resolution on an 80-inch screen, a 20,000mAh battery, and a weight of just 625 grams.

According to Ambertech, the new projectors include smart features for convenience and improved functionality.

“The NeoPix ULTRA2TV and PicoPix MICRO2TV offer users exceptional portability and technology compatibility, as well as high quality image projection for an enhanced viewing experience.

“Both the NeoPix ULTRA2TV and PicoPix MICRO2TV include Android TV for quick connection to a user’s favourite content,” the distributor said.

The Philips PicoPix MICRO2TV retails for $899, and the Philips NeoPix ULTRA2TV for $999.

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