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Amazon Senior Execs Charged With Drug Smuggling

Senior executives of Amazon India have been charged with using the website to smuggle marijuana.

Police in the central Madhya Pradesh state arrested two men with 20kg of marijuana, which was allegedly sourced from another Indian state via Amazon, who were labelling the product as stevia leaves.

State police said that roughly 1,000kg of weed, worth $148,000, was sold via Amazon.

“The issue was notified to us and we are currently investigating it,” Amazon said of the charges.

“They had been sourcing drugs using the major online shopping platform for the last four months,” Bhind police officer Manoj Kumar Singh said.

“Around one tonne of ganja had already been sourced by them in the last four months using the same platform. Transactions worth ₹ 1.10 crore had taken place during this period.”

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra, said: “There are no guidelines for online businesses. We’ll make guidelines for the state.

“Amazon was called but they’re not cooperating. We will bring them. I appeal to Amazon’s MD-CEO to cooperate or else we’ll initiate action.”

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