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Are Prices Of Amazon Prime Set To Go Up?

They are said to be in the running for the AFL rights, now Amazon Prime is moving to lift  the price of access to their content network with Australia tipped to follow Europe.

In Europe the price of access has gone up by an average of 31% and 20% in the UK, in response to an increase in inflation and operating costs.

In the UK, the annual rate will jump from A$137 to $165 starting September 15th, whilst Germany, France, Spain and Italy will also see higher rates.

In Australia the cost of access the the Amazon network is just $59.

The change comes as the company announced increases to the rate of Prime in the US in February, where the price annually jumped from $171.58 to $200.42 AUD, whilst the monthly rate was bumped up from $18.73to $21.61 AUD.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the increase in the US had no affect on the consumer base.

“From what we have seen in the United States, there has been no opt-out phenomenon because more and more services are being provided via Prime and this service still allows consumers to make extremely significant savings.”

Amazon announced earlier this year in April that their rampant spending on new hires and warehouses over the pandemic period was becoming an issue, as growth and sales slowed following the end of lockdowns worldwide. Additional operational costs and inflation as a result, are being counteracted by the new price jump.

Amazon aren’t the only company raising the price of their streaming service, with Netflix previously announcing a price hike earlier this year.

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