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HP Ready To Roll With Amazon

Amazon is gradually rolling out products on its Australian website, and now the e-commerce giant has added a suite of consumer electronics, including eighty computer-related items from HP.

Market commentators speculate that Amazon Australia will launch in the next couple of days.

Whilst the website’s homepage (amazon.com.au) is still largely displaying books, Business Insider & esellercafe.com have discovered that a search query brings up five pages of HP products.

However, none of the items can be placed in a shopping basket.

Catagories contained the search results include notebook computers, printers, printer refills, keyboards, dongles, networking equipment and monitors.

At current, the website categorises the products under “any category” rather than the usual “Computers & Tablets”.

Last week, Lifehacker revealed that Amazon Amazon had started listing power boards, cables and other electronic accessories.

The news follows Amazon’s first Australian Marketplace Seller Summit on Monday, revealing that the company intends to launch both its ‘retail’ and ‘marketplace’ services. No official launch date was disclosed by company executives, simply affirming that it would be “very soon”.

Amazon revealed that Australian retailers would have to pay $49.95+GST/per month, in addition to 6% – 15% of each item sold, in order to sell on its e-commerce platform.

Some industry insiders tip that Amazon Australia will commence trading before November 24th.

[Image Source: Business Insider]

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