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Alexa To Become The Ultimate Shopping Assistant

Amazon are set to launch an update for their infamous voice assistant, Alexa, allowing her to notify customers when ‘eligible’ products relevant to them are on sale. The new feature, according to the US company, is designed with customer convenience in mind.

When ‘eligible’ products that customers have added to their Amazon wishlists and shopping carts or have saved are due to come on sale within 24 hours, Alexa will notify them. Customers are then given the option to order the item once the deal is live, set a reminder, or ignore the deal altogether.

Unfortunately, there is no information on what Amazon defines as an ‘eligible’ product nor if products from third party sellers are included in the new feature.

The new feature is optional, meaning those disinterested in being notified about sales won’t be forced to do so. The feature is also exclusive to Amazon Prime customers who have fourth generation or later Echo smart speakers.

To enable the feature, open the Alexa app, head to More > Settings > Notifications > Amazon Shopping > and then turn on Deal Recommendations. You’ll know its worked when the Echo ring turns yellow.

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