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AI Can Now Personalise Perfume & Cologne Based On Shopping Preferences

iRomaScents has new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that has plans to elevate the experience of choosing perfume and cologne.

Co-founders Avner Gal and Erin Berry, based in Israel, revealed how their new digital scent generator works.

Inside the device are 45 refillable cartridges, each holding a different fragrance.

The ‘AI Wizard’ application will ask the shopper a range of questions, including gender, age, type of fragrance, fragrance strength, time of wear, and budget.

It will then ask what scents the shopper prefers, including fruity or floral, as well as how the user would like to feel while wearing the fragrance.

Then, the technology will choose one fragrance based on the responses given, with three backup recommendations.

If the shopper then wants to try the fragrance, they can tap the screen and the device will spritz the sample on a test strip or the person’s wrist.

The app is able to connect to three iRomaScents devices at a time, allowing for up to 135 available fragrances.

Avner Gal said, “In a very short process, you have the ability to decide … without [interacting] with the seller. And you walk away with at least one item in your hand.”

“When you’re buying fragrances, it’s very intimate. You don’t want anyone to interfere with that.”

Gal noted iRomaScents is also available for online shopping, taking the shopper through the matching process, then directing them to stores where they can purchase their fragrance.

Each match-up will help build the tool’s database through machine learning.

iRomaScents generators are currently in use in Tokyo, Japan, with plans to implement them in US stores. It’s unclear if the device will make its way to Australia.

The co-founders noted that at trade shows, almost 100 per cent of attendees who tried the device, said they plan to purchase the recommended fragrance.

The co-founders also said the device could be used in other scenarios including educational settings such as classrooms, or movie theatres for an immersive experience.

It could also possibly help people with anosmia (loss of smell) to identify scents.

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