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After 25 Years Alienware Still Cranking Out Gaming Machines

It was one of Australia’s first big and powerful gaming machines, now Alienware is 25 years old and still making an impression, with the Company now working with JB Hi-Fi to expand their top-end PC gaming offering in Australia.

To celebrate the milestone, the Dell-owned company has announced a redesigned flagship gaming desktop, Aurora.

The new desktop has an open-air design that promotes better accessibility, airflow, and cleaner cable management.

The timing is perfect claim observers, with COVID creating a new generation of PC gamers, many who are deserting console gaming and replacing their consoles with gaming PCs from the likes of MSI, Acer, Lenovo and Alienware.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and into 2022, many people turned to video gaming as a form of entertainment during long periods of being locked down at home, claim analysts.

Year-over-year growth has been immense, say IDC analysts, with gaming monitor and gaming PC shipments in the second quarter increasing 19.3 per cent over last year, despite shipping delays and component shortages.

Market analysis firm IDC itself notes the rapid growth in the gaming market through last year and into this year was driven by the global COVID-19 pandemic, and some analysts expect the demand for PC gaming machines to continue.

During a recent survey by Roy Morgan, PC gamers stated their time spent playing fighting games had increased by 24 per cent.

The new Alienware machine has been designed for PC gamers who relish in performance.

Alienware has increased the internal chassis volume by 50 per cent and added four 120mm fans and liquid cooling options to create a more efficient airflow to keep the PC from overheating.

When compared to its predecessors, the new Aurora desktop CPU temperatures are three per cent lower.

The unique honeycomb-shaped airways assist in increasing airflow efficiency by taking in cool air and moving it across the motherboard and performance components before pushing it out through the back of the chassis.

Alienware offers an optional transparent panel for the left side of the chassis so gamers can see the motherboard inside. The right side of the chassis can be removed without using a tool, which makes it easy for gamers to customise their device however they like.

the new Aurora is also 16 per cent quieter when idle, nine per cent quieter during CPU intensive tasks like gaming and streaming, and 15 per cent quieter during overclocking.

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