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ACCC Urged To Take Action Over Dodgy Segway & Xiaomi Products

In some cases, Segway and Xiaomi products are being shipped into Australia direct from China, bypassing the official distributor for the two brands, these are two of the most successful electric product vehicle manufacturers in the world.

According to senior executives at Panmi the official distributor of Segway and Xiaomi e scooters and e board, products branded as Segway and Xiaomi are being shipped that not only don’t comply but “could be extremely dangerous similar to what happened with hoverboards” that were known to burst into flames.

George Saad the COO at Panmi identified two sites in Australia that are selling “unauthorised” products.

He said The ACCC need to do something about these products, stock being sold as Segway and Xiaomi are not compliant or are not authorised to be sold in Australia. They are being purchased direct from a Hong Kong source and neither Segway or Xiaomi will offer warranty or support for these products if a buyer has a problem. We believe some of these products are fakes”.

For safety reasons ChannelNews has chosen not to identify the sites selling the unauthorised products.

“While we supply legitimate retailers in Queensland where our products are legal there are literally thousands of questionable e scooters and boards coming into Australia”.

He added “The importers simply ignore the law when it comes to certification”.

Some products are being shipped with Chinese power supply adapter that are nor C Tick approved or Australian regulated.

He gave as an example the packaging of some of the unauthorised products” In the package you can see the power supply is Chinese these are Segway Max Go products which travel at over 30Km an hour. These break the law as the legal limit in Queensland is 25Km”.

He added “The product will even come in Chinese packaging; the importers have no respect for the regulation in Australia. We believe the ACCC should step in an regulate these products being shipped into Australia other than via an authorised distributor or reseller who has to take liability for the product”.

He said that one importer identified to ChannelNews is currently bringing in 600 units of Xiaomi Scooters and 300 Segway Max that could be fakes”

“We are still confirming but the Max could be fakes or noncompliant”.

ChannelNews is still waiting for an answer from this importer.

Official and authorised Segway and Xiaomi products can be purchased at this site, Panmi also supply retailers direct.

See here.

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