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ACCC Highlights Digital Challenges At NCC

ACCC Highlights Digital Challenges At NCC

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman Rod Sims has addressed the National Consumer Congress in Melbourne today, highlighting the challenges facing the regulator when it comes to rogue online traders, sophisticated scam artists, and new practices like ‘subscription traps’.

“New technology has increased access to more products, services, and information for consumers but with it come new challenges for consumer advocates and regulators,” Sims said.

“Consumer advocacy is essential to ensuring all consumers reap the benefits of a well-functioning market economy and ensuring that consumer protection moves with the times,” he added.

Sims says that, even after five years since becoming ACCC Chair, he’s still “puzzled” as to why some large companies treat their customers so badly and with so little respect.

“We are often told that companies will only succeed by meeting customer needs. It is clear that some companies seek to deceive their consumers about these needs,” Sims said.

“This is why we take on so many high profile cases, to act as a deterrent to others by showing that those who seek to mislead or mistreat their customers will be held to account.

“Companies also often enter public policy debates making only self-serving arguments. This is why it is vital that the ACCC and Australian consumer groups provide a counter view,” he said.

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