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NBN Co Snaps Up 1800km Of Copper For FttN At $14mil.

NBN Co Snaps Up 1800km Of Copper For FttN At $14mil.CEO Bill Morrow told a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra that the company supplying its new copper would need to ramp up production to meet future rollout needs. He said that so far NBN has not replaced any Telstra copper between the node and home while deploying the technology and that the condition of the existing copper is “good”.

But the NBN company needs additional copper to connect Telstra’s existing distribution pillars with the NBN’s new nodes that power faster broadband speeds over the copper network.

While the NBN company is hoping to place the nodes as close as possible to the Telstra pillars in order to avoid high copper costs, he said this is not always possible. He said the average amount of copper needed for each node to connect to a pillar is 350 metres.

Fibre-to-the-node technology was launched last month, with more than 2000 premises now ready in Belmont, NSW.

 Writing from Turkey, telecommunications commentator Paul Budde told CDN such “bandage solutions” need to be implemented to make the MtM work.  He added: “In the end the bandages will need be replaced by a ‘final solution’. I remain concerned that NBN Co treats these developments as if they are the end goal.

“They never indicate how they envisage to address the final solution or if they take that final solution into account when applying these bandages. The last thing that we want is that, if they finally move into full FttH, we don’t have to start all over again.”