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Want To Control Your Air Con From Your Smartphone?

It doesn’t make sense coming home to a hot house in summer when you have an air conditioner. They’ve always had timers—so you can define when you want them to start—but setting it up is like trying to solve the global financial crisis with $15.

This is why Samsung’s new range of air conditioners makes a lot of sense. Through touch friendly and internet savvy applications, they can be controlled from a device that you already know how to use: your smartphone or tablet.

By downloading Samsung’s Smart Air Conditioner app, consumers can turn the air conditioner on or off, select the mode, set the temperature and even set a time clock from wherever they are—as long as they have access to 3G or WiFi.

Samsung’s Smart Air Conditioner App is available on Android and iOS

The range features various intuitive modes designed for comfort, including the D’Light Cool Mode and Good Sleep Mode II. The D’Light Cool Mode function assesses the temperature and humidity of a room and, if required, will modify them, while the Good Sleep Mode gradually lowers the temperature as you fall asleep and alters it again as you wake up.

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Samsung’s WiFi range of air conditioners is available now and starts from $899. Check out the model break down and specs after the break.


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