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Telstra Launches Global Video Delivery Platform

Telstra Launches Global Video Delivery PlatformTelstra states the IP-based delivery network will provide customers with “codec-level connectivity directly from the originating content source all the way to the broadcast destination”, with the launch of the service following the telco’s acquisition of video technology company Ooyala last year.

Jim Clarke, Telstra Global Enterprise & Services director of marketing, products and pricing, stated media companies “have had to make some substantial changes to the way they acquire, distribute and manage media assets” in light of new models of on-demand consumption and audience fragmentation.

“With the Global Media Switch web portal, video contributors can take direct control of service booking, scheduling and delivery to broadcasters themselves in a cost-effective way, and even advertise content to other media providers to further maximise revenues,” Clarke commented.

“Whether customers are broadcasting 24 hours a day or delivering content for a live special event, Global Media Switch helps customers overcome the risk of unreliable transfers, buffering interference and low video quality.”

Global Media Switch can also be combined with Telstra’s Satellite Media Services, Telstra advised, providing access to more than 20 communications satellites.