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Two Wash Draw Machine, Double Door Fridge, New Web OS + 4K OLED TV’s Revealed By LG

Two Wash Draw Machine, Double Door Fridge, New Web OS + 4K OLED TV

Kicking off their Internet of Things presentation LG revealed new 4K streaming technology that delivers faster delivery and better quality content, the Company is working directly with Netflix to develop new 4K TV’s.   

The WebOS 2.0 platform also has a simpler user interface.

The new range of 2015 OLED TV’s will have 4K Ultra HD resolution across 60 percent of its entire range.

LG also introduced ColorPrime “utilizes different phosphor-based LEDs to display greater colour depth and more lifelike images and a 25 percent increase in colour gamut”. 

Greg Peter, head of streaming and partnerships at Netflix took to the stage to say that the company was excited to work with LG for 4K streaming play back. Peters announced the Netflix Recommended TV program, a service to allow Netflix to suggest the best TVs for its viewers.

One of the stars of the LG presentation was a new washing machine that has a large top washer and a bottom washer draw for small washes.  

Their new Twin Wash system allows users to do two loads at once and the Twin Wash can purchased separately and added to any of the new LG washer range.

LG also introduced new dryer technology that “injects steam” directly into the clothing to not only dry, but also help sterilise and remove odours.

Also on show was their new door-in-door fridge system that comes with a double-door-in-door unit that adds a second door system to both sides of the fridge.

LG Australia are not sure whether this device will be launched in Australia.

LG has also moved further into Sonos territory with an expanded Music Flow multiroom audio system that will be launched in Australia shortly. Australia. The line-up will incorporate four Wi-Fi Speakers — including one powered by an on-board battery — and an additional three sound bars.

LG’s Music Flow system debuted at IFA in 2014 and includes the standalone H7 (NP8740), H5 (NP8540) and H3 (NP8340) models. The line-up now includes the company’s first wireless speaker, the LG H4 (NP8350), which comes with a built-in battery.