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BusiSoft AV Snares Dynaudio From Sennheiser

BusiSoft AV Snares Dynaudio From Sennheiser

The move follows claims that the Danish Hi Fi brand was being discounted out by Hi Fi specialists after Sennheiser offered retailers a blanket 35% discount on the brand.

The Company who has struggled to get into the wireless audio market due to poor wireless design and the need to add additional components to their Hi Fi gear to wirelessly connect to a network has said that the brand will not be stocked on the Addicted to Audio web site, which is owed by the same directors as BusiSoft AV.

Both Dynaudio and BusiSoft AV chose to limit the impact of the announcement by only selective issuing press releases to select media.

BusiSoft AV uses Dusk to Dawn PR run by Sarah Finlayson who does PR and talent management for former bankrupt doctor Dr Geoffrey Edelsten.

George Poutakidis Managing Director of BusiSoft AV told ChannelNews that he believed he could grow the Dynaudio business in Australia. 

When asked about the limited distribution of the announcement PR he said “All our PR is done by Sarah Findlay at Dawn to Dusk PR, I have had several complaints from various media on this issue” he said. 

The move to BusiSoft becomes effective from October 1st, 2015.

BusiSoft AV recently acquired distribution of MOON and Bryston.

Anker Haldan, International Sales Manager for Dynaudio said recently “Market conditions and consumer behaviour is changing these years; in some of our markets faster than others. Dynaudio has to adapt to the new requirements from end-users. By appointing BusiSoft AV as our new distributor we believe we can provide a level of experience demanded by audio and entertainment consumers of today and tomorrow when discovering Dynaudio and learning about our products and heritage. Both will benefit dealers in attracting new customers and providing knowledge and advice about the current and upcoming Dynaudio product portfolio”.

Dynaudio speakers retail for between $1,099 and $169,000.