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Aussie Netflix Subs Soar

Aussie Netflix Subs Soar

Netflix has added more than 100,000 subscribers in each month since its launch, and can now be found in 10.5 percent of homes, reaching 2.63 million Australians. Morgan says.

The-figures show that younger Australians are embracing Netflix, with 19.8 per cent of young couple households subscribed, 18.9 per cent of young singles and 17.8 per cent of young parents. 

But older households still represent growth potential, with just 1.5 per cent having so far subscribed.

“With Telstra TV imminent and TPG becoming Australia’s second-biggest Internet service provider with its takeover of iiNet, Optus is clearly hoping its partnership of Netflix will give it a boost in the broadband market,” media analyst Tim Martin commented.  – Channel News