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New Panasonic ECONAVI Washer Designed For Energy Efficiency

New Panasonic ECONAVI Washer Designed For Energy EfficiencyThe NA-128VG5WAU is also equipped with Panasonic’s new ActiveFoam technology – a first for Panasonic’s washing machine range – designed to “provide unprecedented washing power via a combination of highly concentrated foam and an advanced shower system”.

“The detergent is turned into foam in the detergent drawer, where it is highly concentrated using pressurised water,” Panasonic states of ActiveFoam. “This process increases the surface area of the cleaning agent, making it easier for the detergent to lift and remove the dirt from clothing, providing a more effective wash.”

The NA-128VG5WAU sports an LED electrostatic touch control panel, via which washing programs can be set at the touch of a button to suit the requirements of each laundry load, such as adjusting the temperature, the speed of the spin, or controlling the water level in each of the 16 washing programs.

Meanwhile, Panasonic states its ECONAVI technology “automatically creates the perfect wash”, wasting less water and energy by using intelligent sensors to detect the volume of laundry, the water temperature and the laundry material.

3D Sensor Wash is designed to automatically control drum rotation speed, using Panasonic’s inverter technology, detecting the weight of the clothes and changing the spin accordingly.

“It mimics the action of hand washing by pulling clothes up and around the drum,” Panasonic states of 3D Sensor Wash. “So, if you put in heavy towels that would normally sit at the bottom of the drum, the inverter motor will increase its speed to ensure they are moved around the machine and washed effectively. For light clothes that might stick to the side of the spinning drum, the motor will slow down.”

The NA-128VG5WAU sports a silent arch design for absorbing vibrations and suppressing noise and a double-layer door to keep the surface cool during operation, while its matrix drum features a dimpled surface designed to ensure minimal damage to clothes and efficient spin drying.

The NA-128VG5WAU is available from The Good Guys at $1,119 RRP.

NA-128VG5WAU features:

– 8 kg front-load washer
– Active Foam technology
– LED electrostatic touch control panel
– ECONAVI technology with load sensor, water temperature sensor and clothing sensor
– 3D Sensor Wash
– Manual water level setting
– 16 programs
– 4 star WELS and energy rating