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New No-Fuss UHF CB Radio From Uniden

New No-Fuss UHF CB Radio From Uniden

Uniden says the UH8020S UHF CB mobile radio is ideal for a variety of road users looking for an advanced in-car UHF solution.  “UHF users want premium, value-for-money products that are practical and simple to use – no matter where they are or the type of vehicle in use,” says Brad Hales, marketing communication manager for Uniden. 

“With its ultra-compact, portable design and reliable communication, we anticipate the UH8020S will be a popular choice for connecting with others while on the road,” he adds.

The new UH8020S UHF CB mobile radio has Uniden’s Master Scan technology which is designed to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication. This feature also has Dynamic Switching, which lets users 
retain constant communication by changing over to unused channels. 

This network scan function searches for other radios that share the same CTCSS or DCS tone. When the radio detects a signal with no code or an incorrect code, it switches to an unused channel when transmitting. By scanning only group channels, radios in the network will be able to detect and receive group transmissions, offering continuous communication and no interruptions.

Using pre-batched group channels also helps to avoid complicated settings. The Lightning Encode feature is an advanced rectifier circuit, enabling the radio to decode CTCSS/DCS quickly. 

As a standard feature across all new UHF CB mobile radios, the UH8020S is built for rugged Australian conditions. The UH8020S has been temperature tested to withstand harsh summers and is shock resistant for 
high performance, even when travelling across rugged terrain. Uniden has given the UH8020S a five-year platinum warranty. 

Other features include a microphone and a built-in large LCD backlit screen. Users can choose from seven backlit display colours to suit personal preferences and lighting scenarios. For more information, go to www.uniden.com.au