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Tablet Market Falls: Apple Leads In Key Countries

Tablet Market Falls: Apple Leads In Key CountriesIn the 2015 second quarter, tablet shipments fell in every worldwide region, with 42.5 million units shipped, with Canalys observing that there is “no reason to believe that growth will return in the short term”.

Canalys noted that sales in high-growth markets are dwindling, with large-screen smartphones becoming buyers’ first internet-enabled devices of choice, while tablets will have to compete against a new wave of two-in-one devices, designed to take advantage of Windows 10.

Tim Coulling, Canalys senior analyst, however, stated that “tablets are certainly here to stay”, despite the downturn.

“Yes, they have matured and commoditised quickly, but there are still opportunities for vendors to profit from the category,” Coulling observed.

“Unlike consumers, businesses have been slow when it comes to mass adoption of tablets. They are willing to spend more on products that satisfy a specific need and meet key requirements, around durability, for example.”

Coulling stated that demand for premium tablets in established markets in the consumer space “has noticeably slowed, but is not going to disappear”.

“The top five countries accounted for half the world’s tablet shipments and Apple led in all but one, Brazil,” Coulling commented. “It is well placed to continue leading the market for the time being.”