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“Social Gaming”: Aussies Using Gaming Applications To Connect

"Social Gaming": Aussies Using Gaming Applications To ConnectNBN Co has drawn on a variety of research which it states suggests Australians are using such applications to connect with friends, family members and other gamers from around the world.

Among the respective findings taken from various research reports and cited by NBN Co are:

– Gaming online via a social network has been embraced by more than 3.5 million Australians.

– Almost one in four (24 per cent) of gamers play social network games, with 15 per cent also playing online role-playing games.

– Online gaming has now become a family friendly activity for most Australian homes, with 86 per cent of parents playing computer games with their children and more than half (53 per cent) playing as a way to spend time with their children.

– Almost all Australian homes have a gamer in the family, with 94 per cent owning either a gaming console or a PC and 64 per cent of homes owning two and 32 per cent with three or more.

“Advances in technology, such as increased access to fast broadband via the rollout of NBN network, are changing the way we play games,” Stuart Smith, professor of disruptive technologies at the University of the Sunshine Coast, commented.

“More and more Aussies are taking to social networking through online games to create new connections and help build relationships. Research shows this can have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing, as it can improve social skills and reduce feelings of isolation.”

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia managing director Michael Ephraim noted that “now more than ever” games are about socially connected features.

“Faster uploads and download speeds are allowing gamers from around the country and the world to join forces and establish friendships as though they were sharing a sofa,” Ephraim commented.

“Those gaming with others are now able to do so more easily online and share their gaming experiences through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, which rely on a fast and reliable broadband connection via the NBN network.”

NBN Co has put together a video about two families in different parts of Australia coming together for the first time via gaming: