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Apple TV Service Could Launch This Year

Apple TV Service Could Launch This YearThe Wall Street Journal has reported Apple is in talks with programmers to offer a slimmed-down bundle of networks in the US fall, towards the end of September, according to people familiar with the matter.

The service would comprise about 25 channels, to be anchored by broadcasters such as ABC, CBS and Fox, and would be available on Apple devices such as the Apple TV, the WSJ reported the sources as stating.

With consumers increasingly gravitating towards on-demand online television, the move has the potential to further build the Apple tech ecosystem and drive more device sales.

“Anything that creates a larger ecosystem is ultimately about where they generate profits, which is selling more phones and potentially more tablets,” CNBC reported Walter Piecyk, a managing director at BTIG, as stating.

“iPads, remember, have disappointed because growth is now negative. So, if this service gets you to buy more iPads, that’s obviously a benefit.”

Some media executives said they believed Apple was looking at pricing the service at about US$30 to US$40 a month, the WSJ reported.

Apple is aiming to announce the new service in June and launch it in September, the WSJ additionally reported its sources as stating.