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iPhone 6 NFC For Apple Pay, Only

iPhone 6 NFC For Apple Pay, Only

This also means the NFC chip wont be functional for anything other than payments and developers won’t be able to create apps and do other clever stuff with Apple’s chip technology. 

Near-field communication, featured increasingly in smartphones including Samsung Galaxy’s, Nokia and other devices allows data to be transmitted over a short distance, pairing Bluetooth devices or sharing information with a tap. 

But the version used in the iPhone 6 will only work with Apple Pay, the company told Cult Of Mac. 

This means Apple’s NFC chip wont be valid for use via alternative payment systems, other than the new Pay contactless system. 

However, this block is unlikely to last for long, Apple has pursued a similar strategy early on when launching other new technologies. Apple demoed the NFC technology to open a hotel room door at last weeks iPhone 6 launch event, suggesting it envisages other uses for the NFC chip now embedded into all new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models. 

In the case of Apple Pay, a person can tap or place the phone near an NFC-equipped terminal and use the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor to complete a transaction.

One major technology retailer indicated to CN that acceptance of Apple’s contactless Pay system will only be forthcoming if supported by major banks and credit card companies. 

“Apple Pay is a collaborative arrangement between Apple, Banks & Card Merchants. If it is supported by the Major Banks and Credit card issuers in Australia, acceptance in our stores would occur as a likely consequence of that local support,” the exec said.