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NZ Hi Fi Distributor Takes Pot Shot At OZ Hi Fi Industry

NZ Hi Fi Distributor Takes Pot Shot At OZ Hi Fi Industry

Chris Murphy a director at NA Distribution said that most Australian distributors employed “clipboard jocks who were only interested in taking an order”.

He said that since his Company was appointed to handle Naim the sister brand to Focal he had increased revenues from Australia by four fold and that he was confident that NA distribution could do the same with the Focal brand. 

Murphy said that the unlock key to growing his Hi Fi business in Australia was in helping Australian resellers deliver “better marketing”.

“I visit Australia one week in four and what we do is work directly with our resellers to conduct marketing activities such as music nights. This has led to significant sales growth for us”. 

“There are a lot of flaws in the OZ Hi Fi market and we believe this delivers for us the opportunity to grow our business in Australia”.

He said that the cost of doing business in Australia was extremely high when compared to New Zealand, he singled out freight as just one cost element where costs “blew out significantly” when compared with New Zealand. 

Murphy said that he currently has 16 resellers in Australia and that within 12 months he wanted to increase this top 25 common resellers who sold both Naim and Focal sound systems. 

Len Wallis a director of Audio Marketing the former distributor of Focal products said “We were aware some time ago that Focal were looking to merge their operations in various markets around the world. However it is odd that they have appointed an organisation that has no representation in Australia”. 

N.A. Distributors have told various Hi Fi media Companies that the move to merge Focal and Naim under one New Zealand based distributor is “a strategy that makes sound business sense”.

What they have not explained to Soundmag or ChannelNews is how it makes sense when no one can get hold of representatives in New Zealand after 3.00pm of an afternoon or how they intent to support dealers with sales when they have no representatives in Country.
Chris Murphy a director at N. A. Distributor was quoted earlier today claiming that the move was based on their “strong business performance” with the Naim brand in Australia.