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IFA: Sennheiser Adds To HD 400 Headphones Series

IFA: Sennheiser Adds To HD 400 Headphones SeriesSennheiser has added three new models to its HD 400 line-up, the HD 451, HD 461 and HD 471, each sporting a lightweight and durable design, while keeping the listener isolated from ambient noise, and pairing with mobile devices for listening portability.

Powered by Sennheiser’s proprietary neodymium magnets, the models are designed to cater to different sound preferences, with the HD 451 and HD 461 delivering powerful bass, and the HD 471 producing a more balanced, lifelike sound experience.

Sporting closed-back, over-ear designs, the new models feature tangle-free, single-sided cables, with the HD 461 and HD 471 decked out with soft leatherette ear pads, providing more comfort for longer periods of use.

The HD 461 and HD 471 come with detachable cables with inline remotes and microphones for taking calls and controlling music playback via smart devices, with the models available in dedicated versions for Android and iOS devices.

The range-topping HD 471, which comes with a carry pouch, also includes a 3 m cable, a gold-plated plug and a 6.3 mm stereo adapter for connecting to hi-fi equipment.

“The new headphones build on the success of our popular HD 400 range with fresh designs,” Ivan Kuan, Sennheiser head of portfolio management, essentials, commented. “They offer Sennheiser’s characteristically uncompromised blend of audio excellence, reliability, and contemporary looks.”

Among Sennheiser’s other headphones being showcased at IFA are the HD 630VB, equipped with a high-performance transducer, which Sennheiser describes as the “heart” of the model, while a rotary bass dial allows the listener to set the level of bass.

Sennheiser’s latest additions to its Momentum range, including the over-ear Momentum 2, Momentum Wireless and Momentum In-Ear (in a new black chrome colour variant) headphones, along with Urbanite XL Wireless headphones, are also being displayed.