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Belkin Makes Smart Homes Smarter

Belkin Makes Smart Homes Smarter

That’s why it released its latest innovations to its award winning Internet of Things ecosystem called WeMo to an appreciative audience at this year’s Las Vegas CES. Showcased there were sensor, window and door sensor, room motion sensor and an alarm sensor. 

Visitors to Belkin’s display saw a range of sensors designed to make the total smart house experience smarter, more intuitive and so much nicer to enjoy

Its features will blow anyone who hasn’t experienced the WeMo system before away. Imagine home sensors that allow users to quickly and easily monitor every nook and crevice of an entire home no matter where they are simply by using a mobile phone and the WeMo link. The Link is a Wi-Fi to Zigbee bridge connecting the sensors to any home’s wireless network.

What’s more the We-Mo link is subscription free, easy to use and install. With it the four new WeMo sensors displayed at CES will alert users if things are going pear shaped.

The WeMo app can also be used to assign schedules, receive alerts, and notifications and they can be used to program the sensors to start other WeMo devices. The WeMo sensors are easy to maintain thanks to a one-year battery life.

And the news gets even better when you get an inkling of what the four new sensors can offer.

The WeMo KeyChain Sensor (F7C039) is just as its name describes. It’s a canny tiny fob built to be put on a keychain or kept snugly in a bag or purse that will send alerts to users when the person carrying the fob is out and about, or at home making it a cinch to keep tabs on family members and ensure they arrive home safely.
The fob is the ideal way to know when the kids have come home or the family pooch is straying. The WeMo app provides customized settings for each sensor.

The WeMo Door and Window Sensor (F7C038) monitors and alerts the status of any window or door informing users that is open or closed. And by doors we include safe, fridge, jewelry box or sliding doors. Checking for unauthorized or unexpected entries from another room or while you’re out and about is really easy. The sensors will pair seamlessly with other WeMo devices. For example they can be paired with a WeMo Insight switch and a window A/C unit to start cooling the room only when the window is closed. Money and energy saving plus mobile alert brilliance.

Making existing alarm and monitoring systems smarter is as simple as adding WeMo Alarm Sensors (F7C040). This smart sensor strays next to the existing alarm and will alert users on activation through a mobile alert to your smartphone or other portable device. The sensor is so clever it knows the difference between an alarm’s sound and a house’s other ambient noises. Used with the WeMo app you can compile a list of emergency contacts to react to events such as fires, break-ins, gas or carbon monoxide leaks even if you’re travelling.

Imagine an infra-red sensor that utilizes heat signatures in rooms, hallways and just about any space and one moreover that can’t be activated by pets and subsequent false alarms, and you have the WeMo Room Sensor

With a 30-foot range and 90 degree field of view, this motion sensor
will guard a space and once activated can automate other electronic devices.
Many choose to use the sensor with a WeMo Light Bulb to automatically switch on lights say, in a hallway so children can safely get to the bathroom late at night.

With water bills soaring, the WeMo Water with Echo Technology sensor should be first port of call to turn a home, building or office’s existing infrastructure into sensors that can send information relating to water consumption.
With just one small sensor placed on a single water pipe to measure 
Pressure changes in the plumbing system, the WeMo Water used advanced algorithms to analyse vibrations. 

The new WeMo sensors will be available in the second half of 2015 and prices have not yet been finalized. WeMo Water is still being undergoing field trials.

For more information: www.belkin.com.au