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New M9 Set To To Deliver Growth For HTC In Top End Smartphone Market

New M9 Set To To Deliver Growth For HTC In Top End Smartphone Market

But despite this the device was not as popular as the mass market iPhone or the Samsung S5 when measured in terms of sales, though HTC did grow market share off the back of consumers who wanted a premium Android smartphone.

As one analyst said “Audi, BMW and Mercedes do not sell as many vehicles as GMH, Toyota or Ford” and HTC are in a similar position in the smartphone market. 

When it comes to pedigree, HTC is a Company who was making smartphones long before Apple and Samsung ever dreamt that they would be in the smartphone business. They made the first Windows phones as well mobile devices for the likes of Nokia, Compaq and HP who are the time were more interested in the electronic organiser market than the smartphone market. 

In Barcelona this weekend HTC has released their new HTC One M9. Their new flagship is another benchmark device that comes in a sophisticated dual tone full metal body that sets the device apart from the plastic offering of the Galaxy S6.

 This year’s model also includes HTC BoomSound which features Dolby audio surround support, for a significantly improved sound experience from a smartphone.

. A 20.7 megapixel main camera and new photo editing tools, deliver a new level of software personalisation options and external memory support.

The HTC One M9 is packed with advanced features and technology. 

During the past 12 months HTC has steadily grown marketshare in Australia, with carriers such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone using the M8 as a hero challenger brand smartphone. HTC believes that the new M9 is set to continue the trend.

They also believe that they can grow marketshare by clearly demonstrating their innovation leadership, and that the new M9 will have “tremendous” appeal with consumers who want a premium & innovative smartphone experience and not a smartphone that is designed to appeal to the masses. 

In Australia the mobile smartphone market in 2014 was worth approximately $3 Billion dollars with the $500 and above market making up 92% of the market value.

It is in this market where HTC is seeing their biggest growth.

In Q1 2014 according to GFK HTC had 5% market share of the ‘smartphone + phablet’ category, by August 2014 their share had risen to 9%.

As a Company HTC see themselves as an “innovation leader” by delivering smartphones made of superior materials while also delivering “innovative functionality”. 

According to HTC Marketing Director Rob Saviane HTC is a Company that focuses on providing “innovation leadership” in the brutal smartphone market where brands like Nokia and Blackberry have struggled to survive. 

“Our top priority is to grow share in the $500 and above category. We are confident the HTC One M9 will appeal to an expanded audience we will deliver a truly innovative smartphone where every aspect has been carefully thought through to deliver a premium experience. 

We are delivering a smartphone with an elegant, dual tone all metal body design, an exhilarating audio experience and amazing imaging capabilities in a phone so intelligently designed to adapt to you life.” said Saviane.

He said that the typical customer HTC are targeting are more twice as likely to attend live gigs & festivals and twice as likely that other smartphone owners to capture & share photos, and also use twice as many social networks apps. 

Roy Morgan research reveals that over 4 million smartphones will be upgraded in the next 12 months. 2.1 million Of those who upgrade their devices will do so in the next six months and it is this market that HTC claim they are targeting with a new marketing campaign based on the platform “You Have One Life. So Live It in style!”

As smartphone brands go HTC is holding onto share as several other brands see market share slip. The move to the new M9 could give the Company a significant lift as Sony look to exit the market and Samsung look to the new Galaxy S6 to stop a freefall in sales of their Galaxy brand.