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Melbourne Welcomes IBM’s Watson

Melbourne Welcomes IBMThe centre, one of six outside of IBM’s Watson group headquarters in New York, will showcase IBM’s cognitive technology, giving Australian businesses the opportunity to experience Watson up close, while also providing access to IBM’s global support network.

“Watson can understand, reason and most importantly learn from data in real-time, providing practical solutions and enabling organisations to make more informed decisions and better forecast the future,” IBM states of its cognitive computing technology.

Australian organisations that have utilised Watson include: Deakin University, to create an intelligent digital guide for students, ANZ Global Wealth, to power an investor engagement advisory tool, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, helping analysts draw further insights from unstructured data sources, and Woodside, as part of its next steps in data science.

“The centre in Melbourne will now enable organisations to explore how Watson can help it transform to become truly cognitive,” IBM states of the centre.

“It can also serve as a collaboration hub for enterprise and government, local start-ups, developers, partners, venture capital groups and academic experts to support a new-era thinking in Australia, enabled by cognitive technology.”

Kerry Purcell, IBM Australia and New Zealand managing director, described Watson as “the enabler for this new era of cognitive business”.

“It’s already transforming how Australian banks, universities, government, and oil and gas companies capitalise on data, helping them discover completely new insights and derive value for their customers,” he commented.

“This centre will enable more Australian organisations to fully explore what cognitive computing can do for them.”