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Aussie Appetite For Internet Growing

Aussie Appetite For Internet GrowingIn the three months to June this year, Australians downloaded nearly one million terabytes (one exabyte) of data via broadband, the ABS figures reveal.

Five years ago, for the three months ended June 2009, usage was approaching the 100,000 terabytes mark, reflecting a tenfold growth in usage over the period.

Broadband downloads grew 16 per cent on the three months to December last year, while mobile handset downloads jumped 40 per cent.

The total download volume for the three months was 996,160 terabytes via broadband and 38,734 terabytes via mobile handset.

“The increase reflects the dominance of broadband, Australia’s continuing appetite for the internet, and particularly the swing towards higher download speeds,” commented ABS assistant director Lesley Martin.

The survey found two-thirds of broadband subscribers had download speeds of 8 Mbps or greater.

It additionally found mobile wireless is the most prevalent internet technology in Australia, accounting for half of all connections.

Meanwhile, NBN Co’s network traffic report also shows growth in heavy internet usage, with the average total data consumption per end-user now 77 GB per month (61 GB download and 16 GB upload usage).

There are now over a quarter of a million homes and businesses connected to the NBN across Australia, NBN Co stated.