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New Bug Highlights Internet Security Balancing Act

New Bug Highlights Internet Security Balancing ActThe fix follows the emergence of the LogJam bug, which is in the basic design of TLS, “transport layer security”, designed to create secure connections for online payments among other internet communications, the WSJ reported, meaning all web browsers, and some email servers, are vulnerable.

The newly discovered weakness could allow
attackers access to online communications claiming to be secure, with browser makers, which have released updates including
the fix or which will soon, ultimately choosing a fix that could make more
than 20,000 websites unreachable, the WSJ reported.

While the fix is designed to protect the privacy of internet communication, its potential to impact the accessibility of websites highlights the ongoing balancing act faced by tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple.

The emergence of the Heartbleed bug last year threw into the spotlight the potential vulnerability of internet communications, signalling that websites needing to remain vigilant in implementing the latest security developments.

However, amid the ever-growing reach of the internet, the reality is is that it could be a while before security updates are applied by websites.

The potentially fragile balance is proving an ongoing challenge for security experts.

“It’s a twitchy business, and we try to be careful,” the WSJ reported Richard Barnes, who worked on the problem as the security lead for Mozilla, as stating. “The question is: how do you come up with a solution that gets as much security as you can without causing a lot of disruption to the internet?”