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Lenovo Takes Top PC Vendor Spot From Apple

Lenovo Takes Top PC Vendor Spot From AppleWhile Apple had held the lead since the 2014 third quarter, Canalys found that Lenovo claimed the number one spot with a 15 per cent market share in the 2015 second quarter, shipping just under 16 million PCs, 240,000 more units than Apple, in a market that overall declined annually.

Canalys found that the worldwide market, comprised of desktops, notebooks and tablets, declined 12 per cent annually to 109.2 million units. Double-digit percentage declines affected desktop, notebook and tablet shipments.

HP and Dell followed Apple, along with Apple both recording marginal increases in market share, with Samsung, which recorded a slight dip in market share as a result of slowing tablet sales and the scaling back of its participation in the notebook market, rounding out the top five.

“Apple and Lenovo lead the market in their home countries of the US and China respectively,” Tim Coulling, Canalys senior analyst, commented. “But Apple is heavily reliant on worldwide iPad shipments, which totalled 10.9 million units this quarter.

“iPads represented 70 per cent of Apple’s total PC shipments in Q2, and these shipments have been falling year-on-year since peaking in Q4 2013. Apple remains exposed to the fortunes of the worldwide tablet market, which has experienced annual declines for three consecutive quarters.”

Coulling noted that Lenovo is steadily building market share in the US, while controlling almost 30 per cent of the Chinese PC market.

“With a more diverse product portfolio, Lenovo is in a stronger position than Apple to cement its lead in the market,” he commented. “But it is not without its own challenges, and has recently had to take steps to clear a significant build-up of PC inventory in EMEA.”