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New Fitbit Charge Leaked In OZ Stores Soon

New Fitbit Charge Leaked In OZ Stores Soon

The new Fitbit fitness trackers look similar to Force, with the added inclusion of a heart rate monitoring.

 Marketing materials for two wrist-based devices called the Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR surfaced recently, and while one seems to be a remodelling of a previous device, the other appears to add new features. 

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Fitbit Marketing Material Source GIZMODO

The advertisement found by the GIZMODO web site shows the Charge as having a similar feature set and appearance to the previously-recalled Fitbit Force, complete with an LED display that shows the time and various statistics. The tracker will also be able to monitor steps distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and the number of minutes the wearer has been active for, as well as monitoring sleep quality, and acting as a caller ID for a connected smartphone. 

The HR version will include a continuous heart rate monitor branded as PurePulse, one which can keep track of an entire day’s heart rate, as well as the main Charge features. 

A release date for the Charge and Charge HR in Australia is unknown, but it is believed the Charge will cost around $195, and the Charge HR around $260.

According to JB Hi Fi management the Fitbit range has been a strong seller up against products from Jawbone.