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Samsung Offer 50% Discounts The Only Snag Is That You Have To Buy Direct

Samsung Offer 50% Discounts The Only Snag Is That You Have To Buy Direct

All consumers you have to do to access to the Samsung “Safe” is buy one of the below products between now and the 31st of December 2014.

Samsung GALAXY S5, SM-G900I
Samsung GALAXY S4 mini, GT-I9197 & GT-I9195
Samsung GALAXY S4, GT-I9507 & GT-I9505
Samsung GALAXY Note 3, SM-N9007 & SM-N9005
Samsung GALAXY S3, GT-I9305T
Samsung GALAXY Ace 3 GT-S7275T
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition, SM-P6050 (4G Variant) & SM-P6000 (Wi-Fi variant)
Samsung GALAXY Note Pro 12.2 SM-P6050 (4G Variant) & SM-P9000 (Wi-Fi variant)
Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (8″ WIFI), SM-T3150 (4G Variant) & SM-T3100 (Wi-Fi variant)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S – 8.4 (4G 16GB), SM-T705Y (4G Variant) & SM-T700N (Wi-Fi Variant)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S – 10.5 (4G 16GB), SM-T805Y (4G Variant) & SM-T800N (Wi-Fi Variant)
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 Black SM-N910G
Samsung GALAXY Note 4 White SM-N910G
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Black, SM-N915G
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge White, SM-N915G

After a consumer has purchased any one of the above products they have to enter the product IMEI number prior to January 31st 2015 for their chance to secure massive discounts on a range of Samsung current model products.

Among the products on offer Series 7 55″ Samsung UHDTV reduced from $2, 199 to $1,319, A Samsung Shape Wireless audio system which is reduced from $877 to $435. Also on offer is a current model $3,499 Samsung WWW9000 washing machine that is being offered for $1,749 dollars, the normal retail at Harvey Norman is $3,499.

The discounts appear to be the margins that Samsung would normally have to give away to retailers to stock and sell Samsung products. 

 Eligible Claimants can buy up to three Samsung products after making one eligible purchase.  

The Eligible Product categories include Samsung Televisions; Samsung Blu-Ray Player; Samsung Soundbar; Samsung Multiroom Speakers / Multiroom Hub; Samsung Microwave; Samsung Vacuum Cleaner and Samsung Washing Machines.

Samsung said that the discount prices do not include shipping they claim that shipping will be as follows:

Metro Small $25 Microwave, Vacuum cleaner, Multi-room speakers & hub, Blu-Ray player and TV up to 32″
Metro Medium $50 Soundbar and TV 40″ up to 50″)
Metro Large $75 Washing machine and TV 55″ and above

Regional deliveries are quoted individually depending on location. 

By directing consumers to their own web site Samsung is able to collect personal data and credit card information on consumers which in the past has provide hard to get from retailers other than when a consumer fills in a Warranty Claim form. 

Samsung claims that they have the rights to  disclose the information on their customers  to third parties, including, but not limited to, agents, contractors, service providers, Promotion suppliers and, if required, to Australian regulatory authorities. They claim in their terms and conditions that “validity of an Entry is conditional on providing personal information”

Samsung Australia has not commented on the promotion which is being publicised via their web site.