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Optus Introduces New 4G 50 GB Home Broadband Plan

Optus Introduces New 4G 50 GB Home Broadband PlanThe Home Wireless Broadband plan, designed for a quick and easy set-up, consists of an Huawei E5186 modem, and includes a SIM, which once activated is inserted into the modem.

The SIM cannot be used with any other device, while customers who move and remain in an area where Home Wireless Broadband is available can take their modem with them and connect from their new residence.

“For a big group of customers, getting a timely and decent internet connection is a real challenge,” Vicki Brady, Optus managing director of marketing and product, commented. “Aussie renters, who move home frequently, find it particularly frustrating to disconnect and reconnect each time, often waiting several days or weeks before they can access the internet.

“Optus’ Home Wireless Broadband offers a simple plug-and-play solution, so customers wait minutes, not weeks, to log onto the World Wide Web once a SIM is activated.

“Coupled with our biggest wireless data inclusion ever offered on our 4G Plus network, customers can get connected quickly with 50 GB of data and get on with their lives.”

Under the plan, customers will be automatically charged
$10 for an additional 10 GB of data once they’ve reached their included
monthly data allowance, while, once data usage reaches 60 GB, the
service will be slowed to 256 Kbps until the next bill cycle.

Further details of the plan can be found here.