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“Commutertainment”? Presto Users Are Going Mobile

"Commutertainment"? Presto Users Are Going MobilePresto states that it “has seen a well-defined surge in usage trends” during both morning and evening weekday commutes, with customers accessing the service via mobile networks.

“Viewing of Presto across mobile networks begins to rise around 6am, peaking at 7am, before tapering off as the work day begins,” Presto states.

“The evening time peaks between 5pm and 6pm, then slows around dinner time, before increasing to spike at 9pm during ‘normal’ viewing hours, where it more closely matches viewing via fixed internet access.”

Presto TV CEO Shaun James stated “customers are extremely comfortable using their mobile devices to access Presto to continue watching their favourite TV shows and movies”.

“The prominent peaks of usage at the start and end of the traditional work day are definitely pointing to a trend in ‘commutertainment’, where people are taking their streamed entertainment with them in greater and greater numbers,” James stated.

“It’s proving the point that people want to take Presto with them and continue watching the shows and movies they may have started streaming in the home on more traditional broadband networks.”

Presto has today also announced that seasons 1-7 of The Big Bang Theory will be added to its line-up from December 1, with the eighth season to be added in 2016.

“The Big Bang Theory is an iconic comedy that has kept us in stitches for nearly a decade,” James commented.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing the first seven seasons of this hilarious program that attempts to educate as it entertains, while tickling our funny bones with the uniquely ‘humerus’ side of science.”