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Sony Eyewear Tech To Be On Display At CES 2015

Sony Eyewear Tech To Be On Display At CES 2015A display module of the potential Google Glass competitor will be unveiled publicly for the first time at CES, to be exhibited in the form of a concept model called “SmartEyeglass Attach!”.

Sony states the module’s “compactness of size and a lightness of weight” makes it possible to attach to a piece of eyewear, with the display unit weighing in at around 40 g.

The device is equipped with a 0.23″ high-resolution colour OLED micro-display (640 x 400 pixels), a micro-optical unit and a miniaturised control board.

The micro-optical unit is optimised for the display, Sony states, and “contributes to the realisation of high-quality image projection in any lighting conditions”, with the control board containing a processor “with capabilities on par with smartphones”, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, and a sensor hub.

“By simply attaching it to a pair of fashionable glasses, goggles, sunglasses, or other type of eyewear, you can instantly gain access to visual information that adds a level of convenience to your everyday life,” Sony states.

“The module also has potential applications in sports or for work, among other areas, displaying helpful information that supports you in the activity you are engaged in.”

This is all done in a small sub-window that does not obstruct the user’s field of vision, Sony added.

Sony stated it is aiming to start mass production of the display module within the coming year.