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Virgin Mobile Offers Bonus 1 GB For Guvera Users

Virgin Mobile Offers Bonus 1 GB For Guvera UsersSupporting the launch of the partnership and ONE B1G GIG product offer, which will run until April 30, 2016, Virgin Mobile has today released new research showing that Australian smartphone users are “Datafraid” (anxious about how much data they are using on their mobile phone).

The research reveals that 45 per cent of respondents agreed that they could not go about their daily life without data on their smartphone, however greater data usage is bringing with it anxiety about exceeding data limits.

While nine in 10 Australian smartphone users agree that music makes life more enjoyable and 71 per cent that music is a significant part of their life, only 29 per cent use a music streaming service on their mobile phone.

The research reveals that Australians are worrying constantly about going over their data limit, 44 per cent when they feel they are getting close to their limit and 36 per cent because they don’t know how much data their phone is using.

When asked how far a gigabyte of data would go for music streaming, only 1 per cent of respondents could correctly estimate how much music this would equate to.

Virgin Mobile states that one gigabyte of data for music streaming through Guvera equals about 407 songs or up to 21 hours of music (as tested by Virgin Mobile) – however, 86 per cent of respondents underestimated how much music this would get them, on average estimating that one gigabyte of data would equate to 290 songs or eight-and-a-half hours of music.

“A lot of people are scared of streaming music through their smartphone because of how much data they believe it eats up,” David Scribner, Virgin Mobile Australia chief executive, commented.

“With this monthly bonus gigabyte of data, Aussies can stream their favourite tracks to their hearts’ content without worry about any nasty surprises on their bill at the end of the month. Our customers believe that music makes the world a better place, and we want to help them access it whenever and wherever they are.”

Celebrating the launch of ONE B1G GIG, Virgin Mobile has partnered with international musician and comedian Reggie Watts to demonstrate how much 1 GB will give users, with Watts coming to Australia to release a music track lasting for 21 hours, name checking “over 600 of Australia’s weirdest and wonderful town names”.

The track will be available from October 20 here. Further information on ONE B1G GIG can be found here.