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Sennheiser Excels Again

Sennheiser Excels Again

Now we’re relishing time with the $499.95 Urbanite XL
Wireless a model that’s more compact but just as accomplished as the Urbanite
but adds Bluetooth Wireless technology to the Urbanites, heady mix of sound
build and features.


We love the pared down dimensions of the new XL especially
when we sauntered from room to room auditioning what these phones can bring to
music streamed from our apt-X enabled smart devices via Bluetooth 4.0.


Sennheiser says the Urbanite XL affords CD sound quality.
We’ve heard that one before. But we’re happy to report that’s a fair summary of
the XL’s musical prowess.


Well-recorded tracks sounded poised, detailed and dynamic.
Delicate highs, an inviting midrange and informative bass make for a compelling


Conversely, badly recorded tracks are treaded with disdain.
You’ll reap what you musically sow with the Urbanite XL wireless. Which is a
good quality to have in what are essentially to speaker monitors firing into
your ear canals.


Sennheiser hasn’t neglected the way this new model will be
used by those on he move. So it’s paid attention to all those little details
that make wireless mobile calls anything but a chore.


The Urbanite XL wireless are easy to pair with smart devices
thanks to the inclusion of NFC technology and have a range of about 30 feet. So
you can have your phone in a bag in another room and still make and take your


A built-in remote and decent quality microphone make the
Urbanite Wireless XLs easy to live with. So does battery life, which is good for
about 20-25 hours.



For more information: en-au.sennheiser.com