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Samsung’s Water Wall Technology Invigorates Dishwasher Category


Head of Home Appliances at Samsung here in Australia, Mike Lilly, said the company had looked at the ‘pain points’ which people experience with dishwashers, and one of these is the fact that quite often some items don’t get washed properly. He said Samsung has addressed this with the dishwasher’s new linear movements of water spray, rather than circular movements.

“Through extensive research and development, we have engineered a system that is designed to improve experiences for our customers,” Lilly said. “We’re breaking new ground in a category that we are committed 
to improving and evolving for Australians. The Water Wall dishwasher represents a world-first development for Samsung in the home appliances category.”

Surprisingly, Lilly said only approximately 50 per cent of Australian households have a dishwasher and added that in the past, “.for some reason there has been very little innovation in the dishwasher space.”

Which seems to have left the market wide open for a product such as the Water Wall Dishwasher, with the new linear movement plus a range of other new features. One of these is the fact the Water Wall is extremely quiet when it operates. According to Lilly, this is another ‘pain point’ that customers often bring up and so when Samsung designed the Water Wall, a priority was ensuring that when it is in operation, the noise is quite negligible.
The Water Wall has up to six wash programs and features a high temperature rinse cycle, giving users the option to wash dishes at 65?C, helping to those tough dishes. Another feature is the Flextray which lets you lift the top rack full of clean cutlery and implements away from the dishwasher so you can unpack it easily into the drawer. 

Rated as 3.5 Stars for energy consumption, the Water Wall has a 5 Star rating for water usage and one of the reasons for this is its flexible half wash option which allows you to select the upper, lower or both halves of the dishwasher, depending on the load.  

The Water Wall dishwasher also features a new drying system. At the end of the rinse and drying process, the dishwasher door automatically opens, allowing steam and condensation to escape, helping to assist with the drying process. 

The Water Wall dishwasher design provides flexibility, including a bendable silverware tray as well as an adjustable mid rack, making it easy for oversized or odd shaped dishes to fit within the dishwasher. 

Another new feature is the Zone Booster function which allows you to boost the cleaning ability in a certain section of the dishwasher – this boosts the high pressure water and the temperature setting so that even the toughest dishes get cleaned.

An additional speed booster setting, available in the stainless steel model (DW60H9970FS) can reduce the time of a full wash cycle by up to 30 per cent (a saving of between 31 and 58 minutes depending on the size of the load). The stainless steel model (DW60H9970FS) of the Water Wall also features a self-clean function. 

The display panel on these dishwashers is only visible when you open the door to the dishwasher, which makes it look sleek and ensures it will blend into every kitchen. When you open the dishwasher, blue LED lighting allows you to see what’s in there easily.
From today, the Samsung Water Wall 15-place setting dishwasher model is available from Harvey Norman in two freestanding options – the white (DW609950FW) and the stainless steel (DW60H9970FS), from $1599 RRP and $1799 RRP respectively. 

Later this year, Samsung will release three additional Water Wall models. These will be available in stainless steel and white options and includes freestanding and built-under models. For more information, go to www.samsung.com/au.