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New Miele K 30000 Refrigerator Range Keeps Food Fresher

New Miele K 30000 Refrigerator Range Keeps Food Fresher

The Miele K 30000 fully integrated range comprises a choice of fridge, freezer and fridge/freezer models. The various models can be installed either individually or side-by-side, to blend in with Miele’s Generation 6000 built-in cooking appliances. 

All the K 30000 models have Miele touch controls, in sync with other Miele Generation 6000 built-in appliances. The interior of all K 30000 Fridge and Fridge/Freezer models is enhanced with Miele’s FlexiLight – flexible LED lighting which is positioned on the front edge of the glass shelving, so it illuminates the interiors with a glare-free light and it can also be positioned at any of the rack levels.

While Miele’s signature PerfectFresh drawers keep food fresher for up to three times longer than standard refrigerator compartments, with the release of the top-of-the-line KFNS 37682 iD and KFNS 37692 iDE Fridge/Freezer models, Miele has optimised the PerfectFresh principle even more with new PerfectFresh Pro. 

The PerfectFresh Pro drawers in these two models keep food at an optimum temperature between 0?C and 3?C, while the specially designed compartment covers have perforations to maintain a precise climate with optimum humidity levels of up to 90 per cent for maximum freshness. Not only does PerfectFresh Pro contribute to healthy eating, it also significantly minimises food wastage. 

Another Miele feature, DynaCool, is found in all K 30000 Fridge and Fridge/Freezer models.  DynaCool ensures even air circulation so that uniform temperature and humidity levels are achieved throughout the cabinet. If you also activate the SuperCool function, this will bring newly introduced food items to be come down to storage temperature. 

Miele K 30000 Fridge/Freezer and Freezer models all feature Miele’s NoFrost system which eliminates the need for any manual defrosting. Formation of ice on cabinet surfaces is a thing of the past, while the circulation of cool air also prevents ice formation on frozen food.  

This system is complemented by Miele’s SuperFreeze mode which ensures the fast freezing of food items. The feature on all K 30000 Fridge/Freezer and Freezer models runs the freezer at full power to preserve nutrients, retain food textures and prevent the formation of ice crystals. 

In addition ice cold beverages can be enjoyed at any time on select Fridge/Freezer models featuring automatic ice makers. With the option of the KFNS 37692 iDE plumbed-in IceMaker or KFNS 37452 iDE with the MyIce water tank, these Miele Fridge/Freezers can produce approximately 100 ice cubes a day.

Select K 30000 models also feature the convenient VarioRoom and VarioBord storage concept. This allows the spacing between racks and shelves to be adjusted to meet individual needs. The inserts can even be removed and carried to the table for serving. 

Another nice feature is the fact that all K 30000 doors close silently and gently with SoftClose, the innovative anti-slam system from Miele. The doors conveniently close automatically when the opening angle is less than 30 degrees to prevent bottles in the door rack from rattling. 

Select K 30000 models with PerfectFresh or PerfectFresh Pro drawers are also equipped with SelfClose – a self-closing mechanism with an anti-slam feature. The drawers can be pulled out to their full depth and closed automatically again by a gentle touch. In addition, LED lighting above the drawers illuminates food. 

Miele ComfortClean on all K 30000 models makes it easier to clean these fridge. Door racks are made from high-quality temperature resistant SAN plastic which is scratch-proof, resistant to chemicals and dishwasher-safe. 

The Miele k 30000 range of refrigerators are available now at selected retailers at the starting price of $3,199 up to $4,399. For more information go to www.miele.com.au