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In-store Shoppers Prefer Using Phone

In-store Shoppers Prefer Using Phone

The CEA said this is especially true of men and shoppers in the 25-44 age group. The majority of in-store shoppers (62 per cent) said they think the information they get online is more beneficial than the information from in-store product displays or sales literature.

When shopping for electronics, shoppers use their smartphone even more (60 per cent more) than when shopping for other product categories. 

The CEA reported that mobile shoppers for electronics use their devices to compare prices (63 per cent), read customer ratings or reviews (52 per cent) and to search for more information (51 per cent).

CEA director of industry analysis, Steve Koenig.

CEA director of industry analysis, Steve Koenig said: “Mobile devices have significantly shifted consumers’ shopping behavior.”

“Retailers are increasingly focusing on delivering a complete consumer shopping experience and mobile devices are now a vital piece of that puzzle,” he added.

CEA chief economist, Shawn DuBravac said: “In a very short amount of time, a majority of Americans now own mobile devices and just as quickly, those mobile devices have become the viewfinders of American’s digital lives.”

“We are now seeing this trend influence shopping habits, especially among tech purchases. Retailers are beginning to respond to consumers’ shifting habits, and that is especially true this holiday shopping season with increased focus on retailer apps,” he said.