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Lenovo In Worldwide Power Cord Recall

Lenovo In Worldwide Power Cord RecallAccording to the Product Safety Recalls Australia website, the cables being recalled were sold in conjunction with Lenovo IdeaPad-branded notebooks from 1 February 2011 to 30 June 2012.

They were either included in Lenovo products, distributed as standalone replacement packs, or distributed as a standalone option.

“In some instances the ‘LS-15’ labelled connector’s electrical insulation may degrade over time with the potential to overheat and burn,” the website states.

The affected notebook models sold in Australia are the: S10-3, S10-3t, Y560, Y560p, Y570, G550, G570, G575, G560, Z560, and Z570.

Consumers, however, may have been provided an affected power cord even if they do not fall within the range of affected models, with the exposure limited to a single part number (p/n 145000589) for Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

A sticker attached to the cord with the name Linetek on it will show a revision date “REV-001005” – the female connector has the imprint “LS-15 Linetek”.

Consumers are asked to visit the Lenovo website to determine if they are affected and to arrange for a free replacement power cord.

“If you have a power cord that has been recalled, please be advised that until the replacement cord arrives, you should turn off your system, remove the cord, and dispose of it in a recycle or waste bin,” the product safety recalls website states.

“Customers should save the power brick adaptor as the replacement cable will only be the cord going from the power brick adaptor to the wall socket outlet. Customers can continue to use the computer on battery power.”